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Google Introduces a New Way of Searching

Have you ever found a site that looks interesting in a search, but which is unable to provide the information you're looking for? Google seems to think so, and to address the problem they offer a new search method – searching within a search, right on the results pages. What could this mean for your business?

What is Google's Search Within a Search?

The idea of Google's Search within a Search is to enable searchers to see more of the options available in their search results. For example, a large news site might display some of the more popular categories of their site, as well as the option to search right from the Google results page to find exactly what each searcher needs.

However, these new search methods have caused a lot of controversy with marketers. One reason is that not everyone gets this new search capability.

Which Sites Get Search Within a Search Features?

Search within a Search shows up in searches for big names with large websites. For example, searching for or Best Buy will show the Search within a Search option for the top results. However, the second-place competitors who are vying for those top spots don't get the same visibility.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages to Your Business?

Google says the new search functionality will save searchers time and provide them with a better user experience. But many websites aren't so happy with the idea. For one thing, not every site receives the same search functionality. But even for those that do there is controversy over the decision.

When users search through Google's new feature, they are not brought to the company's website directly. Instead, they remain on the Google site until they complete their search. That is a major consideration for page view-driven websites.

The new search feature diverts traffic away from the websites' custom-designed navigation and keeps them on the Google site. That could frustrate sites that put a lot of effort into providing superior navigation.

Finally, as long as searchers remain on Google, they are exposed to Google's own AdWords ads, which could drive more potential customers to competing sites.

Is Search within a Search Here to Stay?

Google is constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience of their users, while also improving revenue. Whether the Search within a Search feature achieves either of these goals has yet to be seen, and could change at any time.

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