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Working together to give you collaborative expertise

Managing Director, Neil Goodger, has gathered together a team of experts who understand business needs at the same time as delivering first class skills.

Neil’s background in the IT end of banking was invaluable in developing his finely honed customer awareness.

“I worked for Coutts Bank for four years. Their clients expect superb service – and get it. It gave me a thorough understanding of what customer service and client focus really are – and I want my clients to feel they get that level of service and attention too.”

Bexley Internet prides itself on having team members who are ‘best of breed’. In other words thoroughly experienced, highly knowledgeable in their specialism. And with a clear understanding of business problems and how IT can help to solve them.

“I’ve used the Internet a lot, I’ve seen so many poor websites that are hard to navigate, hard to read, hard to understand. When I came out of banking I was determined to do something that would go towards improving things,” explains Neil.
His team have a wide range of talents – designers, programmers, developers, internet marketing specialists, copywriters and photographers. With that range of talent behind him Neil likes to spend his time with clients ‘getting involved with their business’.

You can be sure if you ask Bexley Internet to get involved with your business, you’ll be getting top notch service and superb results.