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Landing Page Tips for PPC Campaigns

PPC advertising can be a remarkably cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. But what happens when that traffic arrives? Do your new-found site visitors convert to loyal customers, or do they click away again, frustrated by not being able to find what they need?

These five landing-page tips for PPC campaigns can help you maximize your profits from your advertising spend.

1. Match Your Visitors' Expectations

Your new visitors clicked on your PPC ad because they saw something they wanted to learn more about. Make sure that you continue to expand on that idea by ensuring that those visitors see the exact terms used in your ad on the landing page. Create eye-catching headlines that mirror your ads, and offer information directly relating to those ideas.

2. Don't Bury the Information

Make sure that the information you're offering from the PPC ad is easy to see at first glance. Don't bury it "beneath the fold" by making your visitors have to scroll to find it, or hide it away in an inconspicuous place. You only have seconds to convince your visitors that they've come to the right website. Put the information they're dying to hear about right in front of their eyes.

3. Don't Waste Their Time

Your prospective customers may have clicked on your ad, but they haven't committed to your company yet. They've seen something that sparked their interest, but they're not willing to put up with much annoyance to learn more. After all, they're only a click of the "Back" button away from a host of your competitors. Don't give them a reason to turn back.

Get your content in front of them as soon as possible, with a fast-loading landing page free of "heavy" elements like high-resolution images or Flash animations. Even someone on a dial-up modem should be able to view your website in a reasonable amount of time.

4. Use a Clear and Direct Call to Action

OK, so you've driven your visitors to your website, and they've been reassured that they're in the right place. Now what? To convert those visitors to customers, you need a direct and attractive call to action to move them deeper into the buying process. Don't just give them some information and let them click off the page again.

Instead, entice them to learn more, explore their options, sign up for a newsletter while they're making their decision, and/or buy now.

5. Streamline the Buying Process

Now that your new visitors are moving through the buying process, remove any barriers that might slow them down or cause them to rethink their purchase. Streamline your check-out process by collecting only the information that you really need for processing their orders. Leave market research for less critical moments.

By following these five easy tips, you can greatly improve the performance of your PPC ads, bringing in far more customers for the same amount of money. Can you really afford not to implement them right away? Too much for you to do on your own? Let us help; call 08452 579606