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Getting Involved in Business Blogs

If you think that blogging is only for youngsters talking about their latest crushes or how horrid their parents are, then you are missing out on a powerful opportunity for your company. Business blogs are taking the internet by storm, these days, and if you're not taking advantage of them, your competitors surely are.

Here are some tips about how to get involved in business blogs – why you'd want to, and where you should start.

What are the Benefits of Business Blogs?

Offering a business blog puts a personal face on your company, allowing your customers to interact with you on a more comfortable level. Some of the benefits of blogs for your company include:

  • More feedback from customers, which helps you give them what they want to buy.
  • Easy way to distribute company news and/or your viewpoint.
  • Search-engine-friendly content, helping more people find your site.
  • Express your authority in your area.
  • Relationship-building for more loyal customers.

How Can You Get Involved with Business Blogs?

A blog won't help your business, however, if it doesn't draw in any traffic. Here are some tips on how to get involved in the blogosphere so that you can draw more people to your website.


  • Participate in Related Blogs and Forums. There's a narrow line here between participation and spam. You can create posts that link back to your blog, but be sure that they actually contribute to the conversation. Blatant self-promotion is a big no-no in the blogging world, and could give you a bad reputation.
  • Write an Article Series. People love to find out what comes next, which makes writing a series of related articles an effective tactic to keep them coming back for more. Furthermore, a series gives you the chance to show off the depth of your expertise.
  • Build a Community. The great thing about a blog is that it's not a monologue, like most advertising methods, but a dialogue where you can incorporate the feedback of your readers and let them know that they're having an effect on your company. If your business properly reflects your customers' needs, they'll be happier and more loyal toward your products.

Use open-ended questions and calls for input to encourage comments. Let that feedback influence the direction you take with your blog, the content you provide on your site, and even the products and services you enter.

A business blog is an excellent way to reach out to your customers. Make sure you use this powerful option to make your business all that it can be. If you would like a no-obligation consultation to explore how using a blog can help your business, please call 08452 579606.