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How to Give Your Website a Personality

One of the reasons why companies like Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood have enjoyed international success is that they've branded themselves with a fun personality that people enjoy. This helps them to stand out from their competitors and to be more memorable. Online, where you're not meeting your customers face-to-face, it's even more important to individualize your company by giving your website a personality.

Here are some tips on where you can help your business's personality shine through, even when your customers are far away.

1. Design & Images

The layout of your website says a lot about the personality of your business. This holds true for the colors you select, the size and type of images you choose, the frames you put around those images, your decision to display pictures straight or skewed, the fonts you select, and much more.

2. Website Copy

The way you write the text on your website is also a chance for your company's personality to shine through. Do you want to be seen as fun, playful, responsible, serious, sensual, or sympathetic? All of these emotions and more can be expressed through the words you choose. Some important pieces of copy to use to express your business's personality include:

  • Headlines
  • Instructions
  • Product descriptions
  • Checkout email messages
  • Error messages

3. ‘About Us’ Page

Website users visit the About Us page to learn about your company, so be sure to use it to express more than just the facts. Give your readers a warm feeling about your company by telling them about your corporate culture, your community outreach program, or your commitment to the environment. Or use it to reinforce your references and experience, in order to emphasise your reliability and trustworthiness.

4. Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your customers on a personal basis while informing them of topics important to your business. Don't be afraid to express your company personality – it will make the newsletter more entertaining for your customers, meaning that they are more likely to open and read what you have to say.

5. Blog

A company blog is the number-one place that people go to find the personality behind the business. They are looking to connect with an individual voice, not just a corporation. Give them what they want – let them know the people behind the business, and let your company's personality engage, entertain, reassure, and delight your readers.

By expressing your business's personality in these five key locations, you can help to differentiate your company from the rest of your competitors and build a loyal and dedicated customer base. If you would like help with this, call 08452 579606 for a no-obligation consultation.