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26/06/2008    Critical Website Metrics

It's possible that your website is totally fine. It's bringing in traffic, your company is making money, everyone is happy. But… what if you could do better than fine? Your website is telling you a story that could bring in more traffic, convert that traff

26/06/2008    Getting Involved in Business Blogs

If you think that blogging is only for youngsters talking about their latest crushes or how horrid their parents are, then you are missing out on a powerful opportunity for your company. Business blogs are taking the internet by storm, these days, and if y

26/06/2008    5 Top Tips for Nifty Navigation

One of the most important elements of your website is your navigation. After all, if users can't find information, it might as well not be there. With that in mind, many businesses fall prey to the temptation to get creative with their navigation – which c

26/06/2008    Landing Page Tips for PPC Campaigns

PPC advertising can be a remarkably cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. But what happens when that traffic arrives? Do your new-found site visitors convert to loyal customers, or do they click away again, frustrated by not being able to fi

04/06/2008    How to Give Your Website a Personality

One of the reasons why companies like Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood have enjoyed international success is that they've branded themselves with a fun personality that people enjoy. This helps them to stand out from their competitors and to be more mem

28/05/2008    5 Ways to boost website sales

Many businesses focus a lot of effort (and money!) on attracting new traffic to their websites. However, a huge portion of that traffic then simply leaves again, without ever converting into paying customers. If you are able to increase the rate at which y

28/05/2008    Do's and Don'ts of Online Advertising

Online advertising is a balancing act. On one hand, you want to capture the attention of your viewers, which is especially difficult given the large number of ads that the average person sees every day. Studies predict that UK online ad spend will overtake

19/05/2008    Using Your Website to Build Customer Loyalty

Most businesses know that it costs time and money to attract new customers. However, it takes less of an investment to promote a level of customer loyalty that keeps them coming back to your company. Your website can be a powerful tool for building loyal

10/05/2008    Why and How to Attract Inbound Links

For many e-businesses, receiving a high search-engine ranking is the Holy Grail of free traffic and increased profitability. However, there's only so much that you can do on your site to improve your placement in the search engines. For many companies, the

06/05/2008    To Flash or Not to Flash

Should you use Flash animation on your company's website? That question has been hotly debated ever since Flash hit the market. Find out what Flash animation is, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and how to put it to good work for your business.

25/04/2008    5 e-Commerce Pitfalls to Avoid

Successful online retail sales revolve around making shopping easy and secure for customers. A competitor's site is only a click away, and anything that is frustrating, untrustworthy, or annoying is an invitation to make that click. Learn to recognise the

25/04/2008    The Benefits of Online Press Releases

Are you looking for innovative ways to entice high-value websites to link to your company? Would you like to improve your search engine visibility easily and effectively? If so, online press releases could be the answer.

25/04/2008    Why Develop a Social Marketing Strategy?

If you are focusing on the core of your business, it might seem distracting to simultaneously work on a social marketing strategy. After all, aren't places like MySpace and Facebook only populated by kids? The answer is no – the average age of MySpace user

25/04/2008    Achieving Return on Investment from Your Website

Is your website worth the time your business puts into it? Could it return even more profit for your investment of time and money? Find out how to determine the return on investment (ROI) of your website, and how to ensure it's working hard for you.

02/04/2008    Google Introduces a New Way of Searching

Have you ever found a site that looks interesting in a search, but which is unable to provide the information you're looking for? Google seems to think so, and to address the problem they offer a new search method – searching within a search, right on the

27/03/2008    5 Great Marketing Tactics for 2008

As technology expands, new ways to reach your target audience have developed. Is your company utilising all of the marketing tactics available to it? Would it help to know what successful activities other businesses are deploying? Here are some of the most

27/03/2008    How to Get Web Copy Read

Writing for websites is different from any other type of ad copy. People use the internet differently than they do newspapers or magazines, and they shop online differently than they shop in stores or from catalogues. Here are some great tips on how to wri

27/03/2008    Is SEO All About Google?

It may seem sometimes that Google is the only player in the search engine game. While Google does hold the lion's share of the market, there are other search engines out there – and placement in those other engines can drive just as much traffic, or more.

20/03/2008    Marketing with Microsites

Sometimes, the key to big profits is small, even micro-small, as many companies are learning with microsites. A well-thought-out microsite can maximise the return on investment that you receive from your advertising campaigns, vastly increasing the profits

15/03/2008    Harnessing the Power of User Reviews

If you aren't asking customers to share their opinions of your products and services, you are disappointing many of your site visitors and driving away many potential customers. User reviews are one of the most effective yet underutilised ways to attract n

25/02/2008    5 Ingredients for Better Website Conversion

Customer acquisition is the end goal of any business website, a key step to achieving this is converting your website visitor into a customer contact. Website conversion can come in many different forms, such as signing up to a newsletter, requesting more

25/02/2008    No Shortcuts to Good Search Engine Rankings

Every e-business owner would love to know about a trick or secret that would catapult the business website to the top of the search engine rankings, and there are plenty of companies that promise to reveal such secrets for a fee. The truth, however, is tha

25/02/2008    Write It and They Will Come

Are you looking for ways to get more visitors to your website? Are you thinking of spending a lot of money on search ads because your placement in the search engine results pages is poor? The good news is that you can significantly improve your search engi

25/02/2008    Email Marketing Quality Checklist

When you add information to a website, you can tinker with it later and correct errors, respond to your readers' critiques, and use more elegant phrases. When you send a newsletter, however, there's no way to retract what you have written. If you made an e

25/02/2008    Entering the Fast-Growing Online Ad Market

For the past 50 years, television has been the undisputed king of advertising, with companies flocking to have their products featured on the small screen no matter what the cost.

Now, however, advertisers are finding a new and more cost-effective

24/01/2008    Do's and Don'ts of Viral Email Marketing

Email is one of the most popular advertising methods for small and medium enterprises because of its ability to bring your marketing message to a huge number of people at very low cost. Not only can you contact a broad segment of your market directly, but

20/01/2008    Guide to Building Trust with Your Customers

Having the most wanted products at the best prices won't help your business if customers lack the confidence to shop on your website. While consumer trust in ecommerce is growing, nearly a third of shoppers are still highly concerned about fraud and will c

16/01/2008    Will New Google Video Ads Affect Your Business?

After a short test in the United States, Google is opening its brand new video advertising option to UK businesses as well. Businesses can now go beyond text links and banner ads to present their marketing information to customers in a fun and engaging way

13/01/2008    How to Write a Killer 'About Us' Page

One of the tricky things about writing a killer 'About Us' page is that most companies tend to take it at its word and write what they want to tell their audience. A really effective About Us page is actually about the user – or, rather, what the user want

10/01/2008    5 Steps to Online Success in 2008

The beginning of a new year is not only a time for personal resolutions, but also an important time to look forward to the year ahead for your business. Making improvements to your website now can play a major part in the success your company will achieve.

20/12/2007    Search Optimization Tips for New Websites

Search engine traffic can make the difference between earning good money with your website and complete failure. However, new websites face some unique challenges when it comes to ranking well in the search engines. Here are some of the top SEO challenges

20/12/2007    Give Your Website a Health Check

With a forecast of £14 billion being spent in online shopping on the run up to Christmas (Webuser), it’s more important than ever to ensure that there are no weaknesses that could cause you to lose sales. Here are some tips on how to review your site and e

20/12/2007    5 Email Marketing Tips for Christmas

As we enter into the busy Christmas season, online retailers are looking for ways to attract the millions of shoppers who are looking for good deals on gifts and holiday goodies. If you are looking for an effective advertising method this holiday season, t

20/12/2007    Using Video to Increase Conversions

Until recently, television ad prices were prohibitively expensive, which meant that most small-to-medium enterprises had no ability to tap into the persuasive power of video advertising.

Today, however, online videos are not only affordable but als

20/12/2007    Power Up Your Website Images

One of the drawbacks of ecommerce is that your customers cannot actually see and feel your products before they buy. One way to give your site visitors an experience that is as close to in-store shopping as possible is to use images effectively. Putting im