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Link Popularity

Your site is measured by the quantity and quality of sites that link to your site – that’s why you need a link popularity service. Since link popularity is a critical element of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort, all of our SEO plans are implemented with some level of link popularity services.

When search engines are ranking your website your link strategy and implementation accounts for as much as 50% of the factors taken into consideration.

There are three types of links related to your website structure: incoming links, internal links, and outgoing links.

Not all incoming links are equal, so it is important that you research and obtain high quality incoming links that are considered by search engines to be of high value. The quantity of high quality incoming links to your website is critical to effective SEO efforts in achieving high search engine rankings for websites. The major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms so we evaluate your link structure to ensure overall SEO effectiveness.

Increase your traffic with link popularity

The link popularity service shows how search engines are now moving towards off-the-page-criteria (outside of content optimization) to determine quality content. By adding off-the-page-criteria to their algorithms, there appears to be more impartiality to search engine rankings.

Citations from other authors (other website owners) in the Web community help to define your site's reputation. In theory, great sites will naturally attract many links, and content-poor sites will have difficulty attracting any links.

Link popularity assumes that not all inbound links are equal. For example, an inbound link from a major directory carries more weight than an inbound link from an obscure personal home page. The value of incoming links are as follows:

    • High quality directories
    • High quality portals
    • High quality, content-rich industry websites
    • High quality related websites

High quality directories and portals usually provide a one-way inbound link. Reciprocal links with related directories and websites do help to build link popularity, but one-way inbound links are of greater value to increasing your link popularity.

How we can help

To increase both your link popularity and traffic to your website we use our growing and proprietary directory database, which allows us to quickly identify the best directory candidates. Each directory is evaluated to ensure that it meets our strict criteria for high quality. We also research additional vertical market directories, portals and websites that meet our high quality guidelines to ensure that the links you acquire will increase your link popularity.

In addition, we will:

    • Research the appropriate category for the most appropriate category listing in each directory
    • Write the important titles, descriptions, and key phrases for each link
    • Contact each portal and website to promote the advantages of linking to your website
    • Create a Resources page, load it to your website, and list the websites that require a reciprocal link
    • Monitor results to ensure that we have acquired and retained the required number of links that each client has ordered as part of their SEO or Link Popularity Service program

Ask us to help you build and improve your overall link popularity.