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Guide to Building Trust with Your Customers

Having the most wanted products at the best prices won't help your business if customers lack the confidence to shop on your website. While consumer trust in ecommerce is growing, nearly a third of shoppers are still highly concerned about fraud and will close their pocketbooks if they have any reason not to trust your site. So what can you do?

Here are 5 tips that will help you build trust and convert sales.

1. Answer Your Customers' Questions

The better you can answer your customers' questions, the easier it is to put their fears to rest. Find out what the most frequent questions about your site are with customer surveys and by asking friends, family, or employees to test the site. Then make sure that everything from shipping to security measures is not only answered, but also easy to find and to understand.

2. Provide Alternate Methods of Contact – and Make them Effective!

As comprehensive as your FAQs may be, it's inevitable that customers will have additional questions or problems. Provide them with alternate methods of contact, including both email and telephone. Even more importantly, make sure that they get swift replies to email, even if the answer requires additional research.

3. Avoid Form Responses

Few things are more frustrating to a shopper than detailing a problem, and then getting a form response that seems only tentatively related. When providing email support, make sure each mail is personalized and really addresses the problem at hand. Don't just send the closest response from a variety of pre-generated mails.

4. Explain the Returns Policy in Detail

When shopping online, you always have the nagging concern that maybe what you're ordering isn't quite what you want. Maybe the colour looks different on your screen, or the fit isn't perfect. In order to give your customers the confidence to buy, your returns policy must be prominent and easy to find. The easier you make it for your customers to get the products they really want, the more likely they are to take the risk of buying from you.

5. Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Many e-stores can satisfy a customer, but can yours delight them? If a customer is having a bad experience, take the opportunity to offer them even better service than they expect. Offering a discount, free shipping, or a free item might cost you money in the short run, but it also creates loyal customers who will have the trust in your business to buy over and over again.

Building trust is essential in any business, but it's even more important online where your customers can't see your store or chat with your employees. Following these tips can have a dramatic effect on your profitability. Call 08452 579 606 for a no-obligation consultation to review how you can build greater trust from your website.