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Will New Google Video Ads Affect Your Business?

After a short test in the United States, Google is opening its brand new video advertising option to UK businesses as well. Businesses can now go beyond text links and banner ads to present their marketing information to customers in a fun and engaging way.

How could this new AdSense feature affect your business?

What are Google Video Ads?

Google video ads are short video clips of two minutes in length or less. The videos are hosted by Google so that they do not use the site owner's bandwidth or make site visitors wait longer for the page to load. The videos are screened for family-safe content by Google staff.

Google video ads won't begin until the site visitor clicks on the "play" button, which means that they are non-intrusive.

How Will I Pay for Google Video Ads?

Google video ads compete with all of the other ad types, including text links and banner advertisements, for placement on the publisher's site. Content-generated Google video ads are paid on a cost-per-click basis when users click on the video or on the advertiser's web address, which is displayed below the video.

If you choose to target your ads demographically or by choosing specific websites to display them, the price is calculated on a cost-per-thousand-displays (CPM) basis, just like with any other kind of Google ad.

How Can Google Video Ads Affect My Business?

This new technology from Google could change small-to-medium enterprises in a number of different ways. These include:

  • More Engagement. Video ads can use colour, light, and sound to create a real feel for your products and services, going far beyond the small amount of information that can be transmitted in a text ad.
  • More Sales. You can also use Google video ads yourself to market your own products and services. Video ads give you the chance to really show what your business can do. Think of how customers would respond to a 360-degree view of your products instead of just seeing a single image.
  • More Trust. In a recent survey, 58% of respondents said that video added to the perceived professionalism of the site. Although video has become easier to use, many still think that only companies with deep pockets can afford it. Nearly half of the respondents also said that they tended to trust companies that use video more.

How Can I Take Advantage of Google Video Ads?

If you'd like to create your own Google videos, here are some tips for making video advertisements:

1. Define your goals

2. Create a tag line

3. Come up with an angle

4. Tell a story

5. Hook your viewers

Google video ads are putting a powerful advertisement format into the hands of even the smallest businesses. Take advantage of it by testing video ads for your company today. For a no-obligation consultation, call 08452 579 606.