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How to Write a Killer 'About Us' Page

One of the tricky things about writing a killer 'About Us' page is that most companies tend to take it at its word and write what they want to tell their audience. A really effective About Us page is actually about the user – or, rather, what the user wants to know.

Here are 7 suggestions for making your company's About Us pages more effective.

1. Put Your Mission Statement Front and Centre

Your customers come to the About Us page to find out what kind of company you are. Be sure that you answer their question by succinctly expressing your business ethics and long-term goals.

2. Give Your Business a Face

If you were doing business face-to-face, your customers would have a good idea of who your employees are. Online, you lose the ability to speak with every one of your visitors, but you can still provide a more personalised shopping experience by providing bios of your key employees.

3. Let Customers Share Experiences

Customers expect businesses to be a bit biased about themselves, but they'll give more weight to the experiences of other shoppers like themselves. Include testimonials in your About Us pages, and give links to more details and reviews.

4. Keep Your Information Current

An out-of-date website speaks of shoddy workmanship and a lack of attention to detail – which is the last thing a customer wants to see. If you don't even care about your own website, how can you expect your customers to believe that you'll care about their experiences? Review you About Us pages often and remove outdated information immediately.

5. Be Sincere

It's tempting to slant your About Us pages to what you think your customers want to hear. But many customers can sniff out hype and insincerity a mile away. Be honest and real when talking about your business. Emphasise your benefits and accomplishments, but don't exaggerate.

6. Make the About Us Page Easy to Find

If your customers are wondering who you are, you don't want them to think that you have something to hide. Make sure that the About Us page is part of your main navigation, including a link from the home page. Even if a customer never visits the About Us page, knowing it's there builds trust and increases the likelihood of sales.

7. Anticipate Where Your Customers Will Go Next

When your customers are done reading the About Us page, you want them to go deeper into your site, not to click away. Make it easy for them to stay engaged by providing links to related pages like contact or product pages, or to return to the main section of the site.

By following these easy tips, you can turn your About Us page into a tool to help build customer trust and increase conversions. Call 08452 579 606 for a no-obligation consultation to review the effectiveness of your About Us page.