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5 Steps to Online Success in 2008

The beginning of a new year is not only a time for personal resolutions, but also an important time to look forward to the year ahead for your business. Making improvements to your website now can play a major part in the success your company will achieve in the year ahead.

Here are five important steps to take at the beginning of the year to put your company on the right track throughout 2008.

1. Evaluate the Goals and Purposes of Your Website

Your business grows and changes over time, so the beginning of the year is a perfect time to evaluate whether your website goals should change as well. Did one of your strategies have an unexpected level of success last year, indicating that it deserves more resources? Have you introduced new product lines or services that need exposure on your website?

2. Ensure Your Website is Up-to-Date and Persuasive

As technology changes, your website might need to be updated as well. Do your pages look dated or old fashioned? Is your information fresh and informative? And most of all, are your pages easy to use and persuasive, to help convince site visitors to fulfil your website goals?

3. Determine How You'll Drive Traffic to the Site

The best website in the world won't help your company if no one is around to see it. At the beginning of the year, it's a good idea to plan how you'll be bringing visitors to your site in 2008. Which tactics worked in 2007? Do you have reason to believe they'll still be strong in the year ahead? Did you use strategies in 2007 that were ineffective and should be abandoned?

4. Commit Resources to a Customer Acquisition Strategy

Once you've determined how you want to bring new traffic to the site, you'll need to budget your time, money, and resources to converting that traffic into new customers. This includes everything from ensuring that your website repeats and strengthens your advertising message to following up on sales leads generated by your website.

5. Determine How to Analyse Website Activity to Determine Success

After you've worked out your goals and decided how to achieve them, you need to determine how you'll measure whether your strategy is working. Your website servers store a vast amount of information about your customers' behaviour, but you'll need to set a method of evaluating that information. Decide what your key metrics will be and what kind of numbers you'll need to see to declare the year a success.

By using the beginning of the year to evaluate your business and prepare for the year ahead, you can set your company on the road to online success throughout 2008. If you would like a no-obligation consultation to review and make plans for your website, please call 08452 579 606