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Power Up Your Website Images

How to Use Website Images to Increase Sales and Profits

1. Quality Images Indicate a Quality Website

Your website pictures are not a place to save money, at least not if that means displaying low-quality images. The images you use should be impressive, professional quality shots. Nothing indicates an amateur site more surely than grainy, blurry, outdated, or difficult-to-see pictures.

2. Let Your Images Give a Feel for the Products

The goal of your images should be to help your customers be sure that they are getting the product they want, so really let your visitors see what they will be buying. Let your visitors enlarge the pictures, and see the products from different angles and in different colors. The right angle could be just the thing that closes a sale.

3. Use Images for Illustration, Not Decoration

Don't fall into the common trap of using an image because it looks good – make sure that it closely matches the text that accompanies it. It's better to have no image than to show something that isn't accurate to the specific product that your text discusses.

4. Focus on the Product

It's easy to create a beautiful, compelling image, and yet end up with an illustration that's useless to your shoppers. Your site visitors don't care much about the model or the background, they want to see your product. Make sure that your images focus on what you're trying to sell first, other considerations are secondary.

5. Don't Let Your Images Slow You Down

If your visitors have to wait too long for your site to load, they'll probably make their purchases elsewhere, and one of the main reasons for a slow website is oversized pictures. Make sure you use the smallest images possible by:

  • Using thumbnail images that link to larger versions whenever appropriate.
  • Using links to show shoppers different colors and angles, instead of displaying them all at once.
  • Need a smaller picture? Decrease the image size in a graphics program, not just by changing the display size in your website code or in a WYSIWYG website builder.
  • Use the appropriate file format for your images. If you aren't familiar with optimizing images, ask a professional for help.

When it comes to online sales, images can really do the work of a thousand words, at least if you use them appropriately. By following these easy tips, you can persuade more shoppers to buy your product and dramatically increase your website sales. Call 08452 579 606 for a no-obligation consultation to review the effectiveness of your use of images.