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5 Email Marketing Tips for Christmas

Make the Most of Email Marketing During the Christmas Marketing Season

1. Create a Design that Stands Out from the Crowd

The holiday season is a time to be creative with your email marketing design. People are in a good mood, and they're looking to have some fun with your emails. This gives you the opportunity to show how your business is different from all of your competitors. Just be sure that your final design is focused on your promotion and that it doesn't set off spam filters. If you're uncertain about your final design, it's worth the extra costs to call in professional assistance.

2. Spread the Christmas Cheer with Holiday Deals

One of the reasons why people do their holiday shopping online is that they want to find the best deals possible. Help your readers feel like they are saving a lot of money by offering seasonal specials like free shipping or a rebate with a large purchase.

3. Consider a Microsite

Email marketing campaigns perform best when the look and feel of the email match those of the page where the reader lands after clicking a link. To do this in a fun and creative way, consider making a special Christmas subsection of your website where your holiday deals are emphasized. You could also include other holiday specials such as Christmas games, gift lists, and more.

4. Use Clever Copy

The Christmas season is especially competitive, so use punchy, evocative ad copy to help set your company apart from the other businesses out there. Make sure you really emphasize the holiday mood that you have created with your design and your microsite.

5. Try Viral Pass-Along Activities

If you can convince your readers to tell their friends about your offers, you can multiply the reach of your email marketing campaign. Urge your readers to spread the word by offering incentives like discounts if a referred friend makes a purchase, Christmas greeting cards (with links back to your specials), or simply by offering such a great deal that they won't be able to wait to tell their friends about it.

Combining the most effective marketing method available with the busiest shopping time of the year can result in sky-high profits for your business, if your marketing campaigns are well designed. Even if you need to hire professional help to create the emails and the holiday microsite, the returns can make the extra time and money well worth the investment. For a no-obligation consultation, call 08452 579 606.