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Using Your Website to Build Customer Loyalty

Most businesses know that it costs time and money to attract new customers. However, it takes less of an investment to promote a level of customer loyalty that keeps them coming back to your company. Your website can be a powerful tool for building loyalty and keeping your customers on board. Here are five ways that your website can help you reap more profit from the customers you already have.

1. Effective Communications

Your website gives you a powerful method for communicating with your users. Unlike a print ad or brochure, your website is always current and can change to reflect the needs of your customers. Furthermore, online communications like blogs, newsletters, and forums set up a dialogue with your customers; you can easily find out what they really want, which will help you to improve your business offerings.

2. Excellent Customer Service

Online tools help your company provide prompt, personalized, and helpful responses to technical problems whenever your customers have questions, day or night. Personalized mailing lists with special offers, a highly developed ticketing system to identify problems and make sure that none of them slip through the cracks, and an extensive online help system are just a few of the ways that your website can help you go "above and beyond" with customer service.

3. Well-Trained Employees & Employee Loyalty

Your website can be beneficial, not just to your customers but to your employees, as well. A company intranet with helpful tips and advice, training Webinars, and enhanced communication with co-workers through instant messaging are a few of the ways that your website can provide your employees with the tools they need in order to perform effectively.

4. Customer Incentives


Your website can help you track your customers, and can provide them with attractive incentives for returning to your business. For example, your database can select customers who have purchased items from a particular brand in the past, and offer them discounts on that brand. Or you can send a coupon or free product to customers after a certain number of purchases, or after they buy a certain dollar amount from you.

5. Customer Product Training

If your customers don't realize how helpful your products can be to them, they are less likely to purchase from you. However, providing in-depth instruction to all of your customers is expensive, and even if you were able to meet with them all, face-to-face, it would be a huge time sink for your employees. Online training, however, is easy and inexpensive to set up, and is available to your customers whenever they need it, on their own schedules. Product demos, Webinar sessions, and how-to articles on your blog and forum can show your customers just how much they need your products, without wasting time or money.

Don't become so focused on attracting new customers that you neglect the ones that you already have. Put your website to work, building customer loyalty, and see your profits grow. If you would like to improve your customer loyalty, call 08452 579606 for a no-obligation consultation.