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5 Ways to boost website sales

Many businesses focus a lot of effort (and money!) on attracting new traffic to their websites. However, a huge portion of that traffic then simply leaves again, without ever converting into paying customers. If you are able to increase the rate at which you convert traffic to customers, you can vastly increase your profits without increasing the amount you pay for advertising.

Here are five ways to boost your website sales.

1. Hone Your Calls to Action

Many websites do a great job of making visitors want to buy their products or services, but a lousy job of actually letting them make a purchase. If you want to convert more of your traffic into paying customers, show them how to buy, and make it easy for them to do so. Some tips to creating better calls to action include:

  • Make the calls to action clear and obvious.
  • Test text, colour, and placement to see what works best.
  • Place your calls above the fold.

2. Assume Nothing - Give Clear Instructions

Assuming that your customers know what you mean and where they should go are primary ways to lose interested visitors. Make everything clear and simple. Don't assume that people are reading your site carefully, or that they understand your terminology. The clearer your instructions are, the more likely that people will continue on your site.

3. Add User Reviews

When people are on the fence about whether or not they should buy a product, they expect your business to try to convince them to buy. The experience of other customers who have already used the product is far more impressive and persuasive. By enabling people to post user reviews of your products, you give people a powerful reason to believe what your company is telling them. Even reviews that are not positive are valuable, because they make your site seem believable and unafraid of criticism.

4. Make it Easy to Contact You

No matter how much time you spend putting information on your site, somewhere there will be a potential customer who has a question you didn't answer, or an answer they couldn't find or didn't understand. To help those people proceed through the buying process, make it easy for them to contact you and resolve their questions. Don't settle for just email communication, either - allow them to reach you by telephone, as well.

5. Reduce the Number of Clicks Required to Make a Sale

Every time you ask site visitors to click to proceed, you run the risk of losing them. In order to increase your conversion rate, find ways to consolidate information and eliminate unnecessary steps, reducing the total number of clicks needed to move from the entrance page to the completion of the buying process.

Increasing your conversion rate is the best way to boost profits without breaking the bank. Review your website to eliminate any barriers that may prevent your traffic from becoming satisfied customers. If you would like a no-obligation consultation to review the effectiveness of your website conversion, please call 08452 579606.