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The Benefits of Online Press Releases

Are you looking for innovative ways to entice high-value websites to link to your company? Would you like to improve your search engine visibility easily and effectively? If so, online press releases could be the answer.

What is an Online Press Release?

Members of the media use press releases to inform the public about company news, and it’s a great way to promote your presence on the web. You write a short article highlighting something new and interesting, and send it to a targeted news source that might be interested in what you have to say. You can create a press release with information that would catch the interest of the general public and send it to one of the mainstream news sources, or you might focus on a technical, industry-specific subject and send it to journals and magazines that serve your niche.

How Can an Online Press Release Help Search Engine Visibility?

Links from news organisations are much sought after because search engines respect them. Their links carry more weight than those from smaller sites, and have more effect on your placement in search results. A few strong links from respected news organisations can have a huge impact on how many people find your website.

But you can't expect news organisations to come knocking at your door. If you want to get coverage, you need to make things easy for the journalists to know what's happening with your company, and to know at a glance why their audience would care.

What Makes an Effective Online Press Release?

A great press release grabs the reader's attention immediately, and then makes a concise and irresistible pitch. The idea is to ensure your press release is timely, highly compelling, and easy to grasp so that it will quickly capture the attention of someone who is scanning many similar press releases for a story idea. You want to get your point across as quickly as possible, and make it easy for interested journalists to contact you for more information.

To make your press releases even more effective, include a link to your media kit with them.

What is an Online Media Kit?

An online media kit gives the location of your website and includes information a journalist would need to create an article based on your press release. The media kit might include photographs to accompany the article, background information about your company, additional information about new products and services, contact names and phone numbers for interviews, etc. The link to the media kit would be included in your press releases, and linked from your website.

Creating Press Releases and Media Kits is a Powerful Way to Reach New Customers

An online media kit and press releases can be a great addition to your website. Making it easy and compelling to write about your company can have a huge effect on your company's ability to reach new audiences. Not only will you have the added respect of being the focus of news media, but the links you receive will make it far easier for customers to find your business in the search engines. This makes it well worth the time to spread the word about newsworthy events concerning your business.

If you would like an easy way to add new press releases to your website, please call 08452 579606