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Marketing with Microsites

Sometimes, the key to big profits is small, even micro-small, as many companies are learning with microsites. A well-thought-out microsite can maximise the return on investment that you receive from your advertising campaigns, vastly increasing the profits that your online business generates.

What Are Microsites?

Microsites are self-contained sections of your business website. They can each have their own look and feel, goals, and measurements of success, which gives you the freedom to target a specific segment of your users or to highlight a key product or service.

Don't let the name fool you; microsites can actually be quite large, containing hundreds of pages, if that is what is required to fully cover the topic. You can think of microsites as a way to address niche advertising opportunities within your business.

How Can Microsites Be Used?

Microsites give you the flexibility to split your business into segments for advertising purposes, and to give each of those segments the information it needs to convert into paying customers. Uses for microsites include:

  • Highlighting a Specific Product, Service, or Event
    If your company offers a variety of different products and services, it can be difficult for your visitors to find the information they need on your main site. Even when content is available, distractions could prevent the user from ever finding it.

    A hub of information featuring only a specific topic, whether it be the launch of a new product, a professional conference your company is hosting, or a highlight of a service that you provide, helps guide them through the information they want to find.
  • Speaking to Different Target Audiences in Their Language
    Different groups have different needs and priorities when they shop on your site. Business users might have a different focus than private consumers, as might men versus women, old versus young, single versus married, or mums versus grandparents. Whatever your target segment, you can use microsites to create a specific area that speaks to your visitors' needs.
  • Targeting Popular Keywords
    Microsites are fantastic when it comes to targeting information toward popular searches in the search engines. This information might not be the main thrust of your business, but still relevant.

    For example, an online shoe store might have a Nike or a Prada microsite, whereas a computer game shop might have a microsite just for role playing games. This increases the chances of ranking high in the search engines for those terms, and improves the user experience for people arriving from searches.
  • Increasing the Impact of Advertising Campaigns
    A great way to increase the results of your advertising campaigns is to make sure that the offers in the ads are prominently displayed on their landing pages. Microsites ensure that the look and feel of the site reflects your ads, and that the offers are front and centre when a visitor gets to the page.

If you want the flexibility to really drill down into a specific segment of your advertising, microsites are a great way to do it. They offer you more ability to reach out to your target audience and to capitalise on advertising for a reasonable cost. Call us on 08452 579606 to explore how a microsite can help your business.