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Give Your Website a Health Check

How to Ensure You Maximise Your Christmas Profits

Re-evaluate Your Website Goals

Your company created your website for a reason. Perhaps you wanted to leverage your website to drive more leads or to increase brand awareness. However, businesses change over time, and perhaps your goals have as well. This is the perfect time to evaluate how well your website is achieving your goals, and whether it needs a change of focus.

Make Use of Your Analysis Tools

In order to tell how your website is performing and where it needs to improve, you need to be able to see how people are interacting with it by tracking your visitor statistics and analysing the results. If you are not doing this, or if you are not getting useful information from your statistics, then you should implement new analysis tools before the holiday rush.

Test, Tweak, and Repeat

No matter how great your website is, there is room for improvement. However, change can be risky – even a small change can irritate visitors. To make sure your website is ready to convert visitors to sales, measure how many of your site visitors are fulfilling your website goals, make a few changes, measure again, and compare the results. By doing this now and throughout the year, you will be sure that you're primed and ready for your Christmas shoppers.

Put Your Navigation to the Test

Driving visitors to your website won't have an effect on your business unless you keep them moving until they finally end up where you want them – buying a product, subscribing to your newsletter, etc. Do you have paths defined for your visitors to follow? Do you make it easy to find information? If your site isn't simple to navigate, you'll lose a huge number of potential customers.

Build Relationships, Build Ranking

Once you have your website ready to convert visitors to customers, it's time to focus on bringing the visitors to your door. A great way to do this is through an ongoing effort to build inbound links from related websites. Links not only drive traffic directly, but they also increase your visibility with the search engines, making them doubly worth the time. Contacting sites directly and creating a large amount of link-worthy content are two ways to attract high-quality inbound links.

By following these five steps you can ensure that your website is primed and ready to bring in the maximum profits during the busy Christmas season and onwards. If you would like a no-obligation consultation to give your website a health check, please call 08452 579 606.