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Email Marketing Quality Checklist

If you are paying to send your mailing out to a list, mistakes can be really costly. A link that doesn't work or a promotion that's impossible to understand can turn a successful campaign into a disaster.

That's why it's important to review each email before you hit send. The few minutes it takes to go through each mailing with a fine-toothed comb could mean a big difference to the profits you make.

Here is a checklist of things to consider:


The impression your email makes when a reader opens it is vitally important.

  • Text. Is the text clear and easy to read? Is there enough white space?
  • Colours. Are the colours attractive? Do they support the message of my email?
  • Images. Are the images easy to see? Do they illustrate the message well? Remember that many email programs will block images.


Is your email going to be effective? Is there anything you could do to get one more click, one more person to open the mail?
  • Subject Line. Is the subject line catchy and attractive? Will it convince people to open the mail?
  • Promotions. Are the offers in the email easy to understand?
  • Calls to Action. Calls to action must be clear, telling the reader exactly what to do and why.
  • First Sentence. Many email programs show a preview – part of the first sentence of the mail – next to the subject, before readers open their mail. Make sure that your first few words are compelling.


Perhaps the most important question – does the email work as intended?

  • Links Work Properly? A link that doesn't work is the kiss of death for a good email. Not only do you not get the traffic that you would have received, but it also damages credibility.
  • Spam Words. Some email programs look for words that are commonly used by spammers and filter mails that contain them. Try to avoid these words when possible.
  • Different Email Programs. Test the appearance of your mail in a few of the most popular email programs, to ensure it looks correct in each.

By following this checklist, you can avoid making embarrassing mistakes and get the most out of your email. Call 08452 579606 for a no-obligation consultation to review the effectiveness of your email marketing activities.