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Write It and They Will Come

Here are some reasons why fresh content can improve your search engine response.

Spiders Crawl Pages with Fresh Content More Often

Search engines use automated programs called "spiders" to add pages to their listings. Spiders are programmed with rules to help them index as many pages as possible in the shortest period of time. One of these rules is that a page that doesn't update often doesn't need to be visited frequently. If a spider visits twice and no content has changed, it is less likely to return quickly.

More Frequent Crawling Means Engines Add Results Faster

Why do you want spiders to return often? When you do make a change, you want it to be reflected in the search engine results as quickly as possible. Imagine that you and a competitor each run a holiday special. Your competitor has updated their website frequently with new content, so his seasonal specials show up almost immediately, while you must wait days or weeks for the spiders to return to your site. Your competitor has gained a clear edge.

Search Engines Put Higher Emphasis on Fresh Content

Many search engines put a premium on fresh content. Why? Because it is less likely to be outdated or stale, and it indicates that someone is maintaining the website. Content that never changes could mean that the company went out of business or is no longer keeping up the website.

More Content Means More Search Phrases Are Covered

Fresh content also means more content, and that gives you the chance to provide results for more of the terms that people are typing into search engines. Not only will your company be listed in the rankings quicker, but you can also cover a wider range of niche search terms.

More Content Means More Linking Ability

New content also gives you more opportunities to cross-link between your pages, and it gives outside sites more chances to link to your information. The more links a page receives the more importance and relevance is attributed to it by the search engines.So how can you keep your website content fresh without spending too much time or money on the job? Some great ideas include:

  • New articles that provide information about your products and services.
  • A business blog, updated with company news and opinions about your industry.
  • An FAQ section frequently updated with new questions from your customers.
  • Online copies of your company newsletters.
  • A forum, where customers can ask questions.
  • Regularly updated testimonials.
  • A news feed that is relevant to your company.

By following these tips, you can boost your search engine results, driving more business at a very low cost. Call 08452 579606 for a no-obligation consultation to review your search marketing strategy.